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It is a print adapted to your individual needs, in accordance with the indicated size, intended for sticking on the wall.




Photo wallpapers are an interesting decorative element that is increasingly used in interior decoration. Thanks to modern printing techniques and technologies, you can create a photo wallpaper according to your own idea using your favorite graphics or photos. We print all photo wallpapers using HP Latex technology. The prints are 100% ecological and odorless, so they can be safely used for internal applications in apartments, schools, hotels and restaurants.


Photo wallpapers and their types:

Vinyl wallpaper NESCHEN SAND NW 

  • for home and office use
  • durable material with a thick structure well hides wall imperfections


  • for home use
  • the most ecological wallpaper (does not contain harmful substances).

Latex paper wallpaper with extra lamination 

  • smooth material for use in bathrooms, kitchens and offices (where wallpaper is exposed to moisture)
  • thanks to lamination it is extremely resistant and suitable for washing.

Self-adhesive wallpaper APEX PREMIUM EASY STICK

  • Polyester self-adhesive matherial for repeated sticking and unsticking, does not leave glue on the substrate. Intended for application on: walls, furniture, doors as wallpaper, which does not damage the surface after removal. A perfect tool as a sticker in children's rooms, kindergartens, nurseries, but also as an element of decoration in living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

If you don't know what kind of matherial choose for your wallpepars, we will advise which matherial you should choose. We will also help you choose the right graphics. We accept orders for photo wallpapers only by e-mail. Please contact us: info@drukarniaobrazow.pl

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