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Frequently Asked Questions


What does our online service Drukarniaobrazow.pl offer?

This is the place where you can order a personalized digitally printed image on canvas. We use only high-quality canvases with an admixture of natural cotton. Our offer includes various compositions of single photo paintings, as a collage of photos, multi-part: diptych, triptych or polyptych. It is also possible to place non-standard orders 



How can I order a canvas print from my own photo?

To make a canvas print from your own photo, go to our creator online from the home page, select the product you are interested in, upload your photo, and our creator will guide you through the entire image composition process.

Another way to place an order is to simply click the "BUY NOW" button, which is located in several places on the Home Page and subpages of our website.

If this is too difficult for you, just call us or send us your photo in our email and we will take care of the rest.



Is my order properly secured for shipping?

Yes, of course, every canvas print is secured with thick bubble wrap and packed in a box made of 5-layer corrugated cardboard.



How can I make a payment for my order?

Payments can be made via bank transfer as well as through the Przelewy24 system, which allows payment by credit card, ATM or quick transfer. Another payment option is PayPal, which is especially convenient for orders from another country. 

Immediately after receiving payment, we are sending your image to print. We will inform you about that by email.



Can I pay on pickup?

To order your canvas print, you should make a prepayment and after that we are sending your order to print, thus it is not possible to place an order by paying on pickup. Every print is individually produced, therefore we must have a guarantee that the customer will take the ordered print



What should I do to upload my photo file without any problems?

The optimal parameters for the uploaded photos: it should be JPG file, width and height sizes ranging from 2000 to 5000 pixels and file weight of approx. 3 to 6 MB. Such resolution and weight of the file is optimal to obtain a very good quality photo print.



Why won't the system load my photo?

Loaded into our creator file should be within the quality and size limits. If your file is smaller than 1000 x 1000 pixels, the system will reject your file due to low resolution and show the appropriate message. The file cannot be too big either, because the server system will not be able to process this kind of file.



What if I still can't upload my file?

If there is still a problem with uploading your  file, please contact us via email: info@drukarniaobrazow.pl.



What should I do if my file has a low quality but I still want to make a print on canvas?

To guarantee you the highest quality, our system will not load your file if it has a low resolution (less than 1 million pixels - a side of the photo has less than 1000 pixels). With a resolution lower than 1 megapixel, there is a probability that the printed image will be low quality: blurry and grainy, which may make you dissatisfied with the final product. However, if such a situation happens that you want to print your picture on canvas from a low-quality file, please contact our Customer Service directly by email:: info@drukarniaobrazow.pl and attach the photo file to your  message. Also, please specify its parameters you are interested in. We will check your file and contact you up to 48 hours. You will receive information from us if your image is suitable for printing.



Can I edit the image parameters by myself during the order?

Of course, our system drukarniaobrazow.pl is prepared in such a way that you can choose appropriate parameters of the photo image. After selecting the type of image that you are interested in (you can choose: single canvas print, photo collage or multi-partimage), our system is super easy where you can edit the following parameters of your canvas print, like:

  • Type of canvas (classic matte canvas, premium matte canvas and the best one - satin exclusive canvas).

  • Image shape and collage pattern (horizontal, vertical, square or panoramic image and photo collage split pattern)

  • Size of your image, uploading and cropping pictures (standard and non-standard sizes)

  • The method of combining photos (if you will choose a photo collage, setting the intervals between them)

  • The way of coloring the lines (you can choose the colors of the lines that separate the photos in the collage)

  • Type of frame (you can choose the thickness of the stretcher on which the canvas print will be stretched or not)

  • The method of printing the edges of your image (you can print the edges of your image with a mirror photo wrap of your picture)

  • Art effects and filters (your image can be subjected to digital art effects to simulate other photographic or painting techniques, like: black and white photography, sepia, oil painting, crayons or pop-art painting)

  • Additional services (in the case of single images, additional services are available, such as basic or advanced photo retouching)


Can I order a canvas printing with different dimensions than the creator allows?

Pictures printed on canvas produced from your own photo could be in any format from 30 x 30 cm to 140 x 100 cm (every 10 cm)..



Can I make a canvas print from my photo as a multi-part like diptych or triptych?

Yes, it is possible to print images on canvas consisting of 2, 3 or even 5 parts from your photo.



Will I get a discount when ordering multiple copies of the same products?

If you are ordering more than 1 item of the same picture, you may receive an appropriate discount. In this case, please contact our customer service.




Do I have to fill in all the data in the order form?

If you want to place an order correctly, you should accept and process all fields marked with an asterisk. Only the TAX number is optional and thus its absence will result in issuing an invoice without entering the TAX number. Please enter the correct data carefully, as incorrect data entry may make it difficult to complete the order and thus extend the delivery time.



Can I place an order without accepting the terms and conditions?

If you want to place an order, you should accept our terms and conditions.



Why can't I choose a shipment by Polish Post?

We do not send canvas prints by Polish Post because of long delivery time and lack of control of the shipment. All orders are sent by DPD delivery company



Can I place an order with delivery outside of Poland?

At this moment, we do not process orders in the system that have a shipping address outside of Poland. In this case, please contact contact our customer service.



Can I collect my canvas print personally?

Yes, it is possible, please select this option when ordering. Pickup is possible at our office at Warmijska str. 1 in Krakow (Poland).



Will I receive the confirmation of my order?

You will be informed via email about your order. The first message will be sent when the order is accepted, the next when we receive the payment, the third when the image is sent to the customer along with the shipping number.



Want to ask another question?

Please contact our Customer Service by filling in the contact form, which can be found in the Contact section. It is also possible to contact us by sending an email to info@drukarniaobrazow.pl, as well as we suggest contacting us by phone at tel.+48 690 801 790, we are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00-17.00.


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