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Photo quality

A very unique technology and our high-grade HP LATEX printers print images directly onto long-lasting with high-quality printouts and excellent color reproduction.

We check the color compatibility at every stage of our production.
The printers we use print at a resolution of 1200 pixels per inch with thermal fixing of the ink, which causes the colors to remain unchanged for decades. In addition, thanks to the built-in spectrophotometer in the ICC profile library, we have a guarantee of perfect color reproduction. 

HP LATEX ink is an aqueous ink, 70% is water, the rest is latex, softeners substrate and pigment. Water-based inks provide better mixing of droplets, and thus a larger color space, more faithful color rendering, contrast and saturation. Latex ink forms a thin film on the canvas, which bonds permanently to the substrate under the influence of temperature. Once cured, the ink layer is both flexible and abrasion resistant. The printout is dry, durable and of the highest quality


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