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Multipart picture


Diptych, triptych or polyptych... Composition of many prints created from one photo

Fotoobraz wieloczęściowy




Do you have a vivid imagination, do you like challenges and unconventional ideas? We have the perfect offer for you. How about printing one photo within multiple images on canvas? We say: YES! We create this original arrangement with real passion and maintaining the highest quality of printing on canvas (100% ecological print).

It is up to you and your creativity to determine the quantity of printed images and their composition. If you like non-standard ideas, we invite you to create something special together!

Where to put such an image? We suggest to put multi-part compositions of your photos in larger rooms - a living room or dining room.

Prints optically increase the space and perfectly complement the interior design.

CANVAS PRINT as a gift

Multi-part printings will also work as a gift for such occasions as - jubilee, anniversary, birthday. We guarantee that a set of images printed in this way will evoke more than one emotion and joy on the birthday guests' faces.


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