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100% healthy

We chose HP latex printing because we care about our common health. They are 100% ecological.

For sure it is not a coincidence that our company has chosen HP LATEX printers. Currently, it is the most advanced technology, which makes printouts durable, ecological and, above all of this, safe. They can be used in different spaces like: apartments, living rooms, children's bedrooms, restaurants, offices and hotels. Our printouts are 100% odorless and do not emit toxic substances. HP Latex Inks meet the number of stringent health criteria required for ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD certification.

Compared to other printing technologies which are commonly used in the commercial market, HP Latex water-based ink is the most pro-health both during printing and also at the stage of using the finished printout and recycling of used consumables. We care about your health and about the natural environment. You get a high-quality product that is safe not only for your health but also for our printer operators who are not exposed to harmful toxic chemicals during printing.

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